AT ONE Gas, Inclusion & Diversity are key components of our core values and one that has driven the creation of Employee Resource Groups. Throughout 2022, these voluntary, employee-led groups based on shared characteristics, interests or life experiences, will be highlighted in a series called “Talent Talks”. With Talent Talks, members of our Employee Resource Groups will talk about what they’re reading, watching, and listening to while also covering what they think of ONE Gas as an employer that supports them on a professional and personal level.

Why did you want to work for ONE Gas, and how long have you worked with the company?

Blake Heck (1 ½ years): I wanted to get involved in the energy industry. I graduated from Kansas State University and was lucky to find a position in Manhattan, KS. I’ve been with ONE Gas since September 2021.

Kenny Hartnauer (4 years): When I left the military, I was asked by a friend, who is also a veteran, if I wanted to apply to ONG. He told me about the benefits, the culture, and the opportunities the company offered, and I was very interested. I wanted a job that gave me purpose as well as provided stability for my family, ONE Gas has provided both.

What made you want to get involved with VERG?

Blake Heck: I served in the Army for eight years from 2015-2023. I wanted to get involved and network with fellow ONE Gas employees who share a similar interest in supporting our service members. In the military, you have family comradery with your fellow service members, and I wanted to bring that type of energy to our VERG.

Jeremy Warren (6 years): I got involved with VERG because of my immense respect for our veterans and what they have done for our country.

Kenny Hartnauer: I felt a need to give back to my fellow veterans. Having an understanding of the needs of veterans, I wanted to provide a veteran’s perspective to the organization so that we can assist and help ease veterans back into the civilian workforce while offering them a place to be comfortable with other veterans.

What books/podcasts/movies/documentaries/articles would you recommend to someone that aligns with your Employee Resource Group’s mission?

Blake Heck: I would say that I like networking and listening to fellow veterans share their experiences while serving. Direct connections and conversations are extremely valuable. Most of my knowledge of the military is from personal experience and from conversations with fellow service members.

Jeremy Warren: One of my all-time favorite books was the autobiography written by General Hal Moore (most people would know him from We Were Soldiers, his character was played by Mel Gibson). It is called Hal Moore on Leadership: Winning When Outgunned and Outmanned. I learned so much about what it truly means to be a leader from this book and have applied it both at work and in my personal life.

Kenny Hartnauer: For a great book on leadership, I highly recommend Turn the Ship Around by L. David Marquet and Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek. They both offer leadership skills from a military perspective. If you like to learn the importance of energy companies and ensuring the safety of their customers, I recommend California Burning by Katherine Blunt. This book discusses how unsafe practices led to a disastrous outcome and shows how each individual contributor is incredibly important to the company and the community.

What would you tell a job seeker about our company and what advice would you give them?

Blake Heck: I would tell them that ONE Gas, specifically Kansas Gas Service does a phenomenal job of providing a “family” atmosphere. Kansas Gas Service is always busy with projects and work, but the supervisors and leadership do an outstanding job of ensuring that employees are healthy emotionally and physically. In addition, many opportunities for personal and team growth are always presented to ensure that you aren’t feeling stagnant. I would advise job seekers that are offered an opportunity with ONE Gas to come in humble and ready to learn. If you put in the necessary time to master your craft, the quality of the work/life balance is truly awesome.

Jeremy Warren: I would tell them that this is an amazing company to work for, that I have leadership that I feel really cares about me not just as an employee but as a person. We have amazing benefits, along with amazing people to work with.

Kenny Hartnauer: ONE Gas offers extensive opportunities, competitive pay, and great benefits. If you’re looking for a long-term career that will seek to help you advance within the company, then ONE Gas is a great option!