AT ONE Gas, Inclusion & Diversity are a key component of our core values and one that has driven the creation of Employee Resource Groups. Throughout 2022, these voluntary, employee-led groups based on shared characteristics, interests or life experiences, will be highlighted in a series called “Talent Talks”. With Talent Talks, members of our Employee Resource Groups will talk about what they’re reading, watching, and listening to while also covering what they think of ONE Gas as an employer that supports them on a professional and personal level.

Why did you want to work for ONE Gas?

Ricardo Flores (9 years at ONE Gas): An opportunity: Like many others, I began as a temporary contractor through a temp agency run by an exceptional entrepreneur and businesswoman, Monica Moreno, whom I continue to thank for having a significant influence on me to pursue a new career path. While working as a temp agent, I experienced firsthand what ONE Gas had to offer. It was then that I knew a new opportunity was unfolding before me. Was it the new and unique working culture? Or was it the overall new benefits and opportunities that ONE Gas had to offer? Maybe it was both, I don’t know, but I knew instantly I wanted to be part of it. I embraced this opportunity and without a doubt, I know I’ve made an important decision to work for ONE Gas since it has offered a lot of new learning opportunities that have had a remarkable impact on my professional career.

Renee Boggs (one year at ONE Gas): I wanted to work at ONE Gas for the opportunity to advance in my career. ONE Gas has a great reputation and I believe in its core values. When I heard about the job opening, I knew it would be a good fit for me.

Catherine Durini (12 years at ONE Gas): Given the company’s track record of being successful for many generations, I felt like this was a great place where I could learn and grow while also building a long-lasting career.

What made you want to get involved with La Voz?

Renee Boggs: I decided to get involved with La Voz because I want to learn more about the Hispanic and Latino culture. I enjoy getting involved and being a part of the community.

Catherine Durini: What caught my attention is that the program has a lot to do with my Hispanic heritage and is involved with many people from other departments, helping everyone come together to learn and explore different cultures.

Ricardo Flores: A connection: I would say that it was the virtue of belonging that got me involved with La Voz. Making a connection with other co-workers that share our rich and prominent Hispanic and Latino culture.

What books/podcasts/movies/documentaries/articles would you recommend to someone that aligns with your Employee Resource Group’s mission?

Catherine Durini: A book I would recommend is called The Carrot Principle. It offers proven strategies to help recognize and motivate employees. It also gives great examples of how management should retain talent and truly value their employees.

Ricardo Flores: “The Devil’s Highway: A true story” by Luis Alberto Urrea – As a Mexican descendent, I understood the meaning of sacrifice at a young age, but this book puts in perspective the life-sacrifice some of our Hispanic/Latino brothers and sisters have had to endure in hopes of an unguaranteed promise of a better future.

“Ringside Seat to a Revolution: An Underground Cultural History of El Paso and Juarez 1893-1923” by David Dorado Romo- This book has immaculate pictures and historic references of the sister cities I grew up in, and therefore I have a very special and nostalgic connection with this book. Reading through this book makes reflect on the differences that lead our ancestors to conflict and reminds me the importance of resolving our differences today to become a better and stronger Hispanic community.

Renee Boggs: “A Dream Called Home” written by Reyna Grande – Is about a young Latina student who is determined to build a new life for her family, and she faces many challenges along the way. It is a page-turner.

Movies – Stand and Deliver – it’s an older movie but it is based on a true story of a math teacher in Los Angeles who is determined to turn around his students’ lives. It is an inspiring story

What would you tell a job seeker about our company and what advice would you give them?

Ricardo Flores: ONE Gas is not “just a place to work”. It is a multi-cultural workplace that truly cares for us the employees. A work family to feel proud to belong to, with various resources available for our personal and professional growth and development. It is a company that will invest in you, and will welcome anyone with new ideas, cultural diversity with dreams and hobbies, in pursuit of their professional career goals, ready for the challenge to provide a better tomorrow. Seize your opportunities as they’re momentarily and do not be afraid of making mistakes. Respect others, understand you are unique and not different, your qualities will make you stand out and that being true to yourself will always bring out the best of you.

Renee Boggs: I would tell a job seeker how great this company is to work for. It is a place that really cares about the safety and well-being of its employees. This company stands for inclusion and diversity, and they value each employee. The benefits are outstanding and there are many opportunities for advancement.

The only advice I can give someone is to get involved! The opportunities are endless.

Catherine Durini: I would tell them if they’re looking for a safe, reliable & diverse company where they can build a long-lasting career, this is the place for them. My advice to them would be to give your all, listen to feedback whether positive or negative and always strive for greatness.