AT ONE Gas, Inclusion & Diversity are key components of our core values and one that has driven the creation of Employee Resource Groups. Throughout 2022, these voluntary, employee-led groups based on shared characteristics, interests or life experiences, will be highlighted in a series called “Talent Talks”. With Talent Talks, members of our Employee Resource Groups will talk about what they’re reading, watching, and listening to while also covering what they think of ONE Gas as an employer that supports them on a professional and personal level.

Why did you want to work for ONE Gas, and how long have you worked with the company?

Troy Simoneau (14 years at ONE Gas): My father worked for the company for 34 years. I saw what kind of lifestyle it provided for my family and knew how much my dad enjoyed his line of work. My goal has always been to better myself, and after working for a contractor of ONE Gas prior to getting hired, my goal became getting hired by ONE Gas.

Andrew McNeive (7 year at ONE Gas): I came to work at ONE Gas in 2016 because I wanted a career that would offer more opportunities to grow. At that time, ONE Gas had just become its own company, so I knew there would be lots of room to grow, and once hired, the company was willing to invest in its employees to better themselves.

Seth Potter (8 years at ONE Gas): I started with ONE Gas in September 2014, right after the split from ONEOK, and I had heard former co-workers that now worked for ONE Gas talk about the culture of ONE Gas and what a great place it was to work.

What made you want to get involved with CAPABLE?

Andrew McNeive (7 year at ONE Gas): What got me involved with CAPABLE was my own mental health journey. In 2011 I lost my father; since then, there have been many ups and downs, but along the way, I’ve met amazing people to help me and teach me ways to cope with that loss. Having those experiences led me to want to help others with their mental health journey, and CAPABLE was the perfect opportunity to do so.

Seth Potter (8 years at ONE Gas): I owe a lot to ONE Gas. I am very thankful for the opportunity I’ve had to grow as a person and advance my career, so I want to contribute where I can. I think the main place I can contribute is by spotlighting that people with disabilities (both visible and invisible) have a lot to offer ONE Gas, and they should be defined by what they can accomplish and not what people think they can’t.

Troy Simoneau (14 years at ONE Gas): Of all the ERGs, I feel CAPABLE relates to almost EVERYONE at some point throughout their life. Due to injuries sustained when I was younger, our company has provided me with a stand-up desk which makes getting through the day much more comfortable for me.

What books/podcasts/movies/documentaries/articles would you recommend to someone that aligns with your Employee Resource Group’s mission?

Seth Potter (8 years at ONE Gas): Right now, I really like books by Richard Branson. I recently read Screw it, Let’s Do It. Richard Branson is the founder of Virgin Records and Airlines; he is also dyslexic. He talks a lot about how he struggled in school and used dyslexia to think differently and be successful.

Troy Simoneau (14 years at ONE Gas): “Start with Why” is a great book that I would recommend to anyone.

Andrew McNeive (7 year at ONE Gas): For anybody wanting to listen about inclusion & diversity on a leadership level, I highly recommend Jennifer Brown’s podcast “The Will to Change: Uncovering True Stories of Diversity & Inclusion.” Also, recently I listened to Entre Leadership’s podcast “The Difference Between Good & Great Leaders with Dr. John Deloney.” This podcast episode has changed my aspect of much of my day-to-day life.

What would you tell a job seeker about our company and what advice would you give them?

Troy Simoneau (14 years at ONE Gas): ONE Gas is a great place to work with opportunities in three states. Safety is our number one Core Value and something I am proud to say we take very seriously. Recently, my proudest moments have been to be able to say that I work for a great company that persevered, protected our employees at great lengths, and served our customers day in and day out during the pandemic. Our company’s core values were put to the test, and I am very happy with how well our employees lived out our core values.

Andrew McNeive (7 year at ONE Gas): I would say that this company does a great job of getting its employees involved within the company itself. Since joining the ERG, I’ve had several opportunities to help make changes within the company itself and express my opinions on programs.

Seth Potter (8 years at ONE Gas): ONE Gas is a great place to work and belong. It’s a place where one can grow your career and reach your goals because we live our values every day. Don’t be afraid to be yourselves.